About Us (Meet Katie)


Hi and Welcome to my beautiful Art Gallery here on the web. It was always my dream to create a harmonious environment with different types of art and I decided to put all my findings together in one place.

I really hope that you will enjoy my gallery and the beautiful creations of artists from all over the world. Feel free to comment artworks and you can chat with artists in our little community.

A little about me… My name is Katie (or Katya) and originally I am from Russia. I traveled the world quite a bit and in the following photo, I am in India enjoying the local scenery:

Here is my epic photo with an elephant:

Unfortunately, elephants don’t get treated well in India and this one was crying, literally… Tears were coming out of his eyes, why? First of all, it was extremely hot and he had to perform (meaning to carry people around on his back).

Secondly, maybe you will notice the guy in the back who is holding a stick. Just so you know, this stick has a sharp edge (similar to rock climbing or rock demolishing tool) and this is how they climb the animal!

I also have been to Mauritius (which is an island close to Africa). It is a beautiful and enchanted island that has a special place in my heart:

Other trips include Cabo San Lucas, Dubai, London, and the Philippines, just to name a few. I did spend some time in the airport in China, but that doesn’t really count.

Of course, I visited Russia and Ukraine as well:

Cabo San Lucas was a getaway for me to rethink my life and start all over again (they called me there – Katrina). It was very special for me because of all the wonderful people I met there, here is a story about that.

Being so close to the ocean and nature, gave me an opportunity to relax and get my thoughts back together:

I also took a few nice pictures of whales there:

All my early years I really enjoyed drawing faces and children (especially) in pencil:

I did a few oil paintings as well:

Wood carving became my next passion:

I decided to try copying patterns from very old Slavic traditional art:

It is not perfect, but I guess, I really enjoy the process:

It makes me feel happy and this is how my love is expressed:

I am not doing many carvings anymore, but planning to start when I have more time. I also love music and want to take piano lessons.

I was raised in Russia, which was under communism at that time:

My childhood was happy and quite fulfilling. I was learning and discovering new things every day. Moving to the United States was very difficult for me because I had to leave all my friends behind and the new people I met were not very friendly.

Regardless of that, I am happy that we moved. After the Soviet Union collapsed, living there became truly unbearable. Here is a short video of me and my family in Russia:

After living in New York for a while, I moved to San Diego, CA:

Then to Miami, FL where I was hanging out with all the fun creatures they have crawling and flying there…

Now, I have a reasonably happy life in Boston, MA, new friends, a boyfriend, and a lot of projects to keep me busy! As far as the profession goes, I have a normal day job and at night I build websites.

I am in my 40’s and life has taught me many wonderful things! One of them is that: “Regardless of what you  have to go through in life, you should not change who you really are.” :

And another one is: “If things really get out of hand, just try to have some fun” :

As one wise man said:

Let there be more kindness in this world, less fear and lots, and lots of smiles…